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Siggy's Gun and Tactical Gear
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 by Chris Richichi on Siggy's Gun and Tactical Gear

Anthony is extremely informative and very helpful. The class was great and well done, will recommend to anyone.

 by Leonard S. on Siggy's Gun and Tactical Gear
Good class, better teacher

Anthony is a great instructor who really knows his stuff. He patiently explained everything in a clear and concise manner, stressing safety the whole time, and he was happy to answer any questions that a novice may have. From the basic mechanics of the different types of pistols to the application process... he covered it all. I'm planning on scheduling more training down the road and I'm happy to refer people to the class and to Anthony.

 by Mark on Siggy's Gun and Tactical Gear
Expert Instruction

Taking this class is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. From the beginning it was clear that Siggy was an expert, not only in handling handguns, but also in his ability to instruct people who have no experience with handguns. It was obvious that safety was his first priority, making everyone in the class very comfortable in the classroom, and when it came time to fire a gun for the first time. Siggy was able to convey the seriousness and responsibility required in gun ownership, and other aspects to consider when deciding what type of handgun to purchase. I would recommend Siggy as an instructor for anyone interested in learning about handguns, whether you’re just starting out, or if you are looking for continuing lessons.

 by “Jake” on Siggy's Gun and Tactical Gear

Spent a very productive, educational and fun Saturday in class with Siggy and 6 others learning the basics of guns, gun safety and shooting. As I and most of the others knew virtually nothing at the start, Anthony made things very clear and simple, in a straightforward fashion. I highly recommend this class to anyone that needs or wants to learn, he really does a great job! And with his experience as a police officer (he trains other police as well), he brings a tremendous amount of “food for thought” that turn into very good perspectives on situations we all hope we never go through, but may some day—this helped me a lot with understanding the why and how and responsibility of self protection. Thanks again Siggy!

 by Tomasz Piatek on Siggy's Gun and Tactical Gear

I did class today and wasn't sure what to expect but this guy is awesome!!!!! First of all he is very professional, huge knowledge about safety, guns and really down to earth person. I felt that I know him for a decades. Helped me so much and will be back for other classes to improve my techniques with pistols and rifles.

 by Dianne Trawick on Siggy's Gun and Tactical Gear
Outstanding Experience!

For anyone interested in taking firearms training, Siggy is your "go to" instructor. He demonstrates superior knowledge of handguns, and teaches in a very professional, caring, and easy-to-understand way.

During the hands-on part of the training, Siggy masterfully talks you through the shooting process. He is able to calm the nerves of first-timers, as well as motivate the more experienced shooters. He's truly the best at what he does, and I salute him with respect and admiration.

 by Arleen on Siggy's Gun and Tactical Gear
Pistol Permit Class

The class and the instructor were awesome. I learned a lot. The class is small so you get more individual instruction. I highly recommend this class.

 by Rosa Bowden-MacCalla on Siggy's Gun and Tactical Gear
Excellent Instruction

Excellent class! Siggy is knowledgeable and takes his time to make sure each participant understands the importance of gun safety!

 by Mary Ellen Corbiere on Siggy's Gun and Tactical Gear
Pistol permit class

Hi Anthony:

I just wanted to thank you for making the basic pistol course a comfortable environment to learn. You did a very nice job teaching the class. The fact you didn’t just read from the power point, made the class much more interesting. The added stories added to the class. You have a very kind and non intimidating personality.

I loved the outside shooting. I have never shot a hand gun. Even though I shot guns my whole life, I was a little intimidated. You made me feel comfortable. Even though I was holding the gun with a death grip. Thank you.

I am looking forward to taking a lesson. I know it will be helpful.

Thank you again for a great experience

Mary Ellen Corbiere

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 by John Troxell on Siggy's Gun and Tactical Gear
Top notch training

My wife and I took Anthony’s NRA training class this past January and found the classroom portion to be extremely informative. He covered all the pertinent laws regarding Connecticut and all federal regulations with respect to ownership and carrying firearms. His teaching style is comprehensive and he encouraged questions from his students. Anthony has a great attitude and the class was both interesting and fun. Anthony was equally knowledgeable in gun handling on the range with live fire instruction and made everyone feel at ease. I highly recommend Anthony’s NRA training to anyone who is seeking a pistol permit in the State of CT.

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