About our Company


Siggy’s Gear was founded by Anthony Signore in 2007. We sell all the latest and tested tactical gear for police, military, and the avid sportsman. We carry knifes, gun cases, backpacks, holsters, flashlights, Rifle Accessories and optics from brands such as Voodoo Tactical, Condor Outdoor, Zero Tolerance, HK Knives, Surefire, SOG, Blackhawk, Trijicon, Kershaw, and Riton Optics. Anthony is a FFL Federal Firearms Dealer in the state of Connecticut and sells rifles, pistols, shotguns, accessories, and ammunition. We except all major credit cards.  Please email me at Anthony@siggysgear.com or call 203-515-8073 for any of these products.






Anthony is also a certified firearms instructor with the state of Connecticut and has certifications as a NRA Instructor, Sig Sauer Concealed Pistol Instructor, NRA Patrol Rifle Instructor, POST Firearms Instructor, POST Advanced Tactical Instructor, Simunitions Instructor, Center Axis Reloading Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor and many other firearm related training.  We provide  permit classes and private instruction.   To schedule a pistol permit class or private lesson please email me at Anthony@siggysgear.com or call 203-515-8073.

                                 Email:  Anthony@siggysgear.com









We carry a wide selection of tactical gear from casual to professional.




Comfort and durability are paramount when you are on your feet all day.




From pocket knives to fix blades, we carry an extensive selection that will fit your needs and budget.




Lights, camera, action! Proper lighting is essential to start any activity.  We got that.




Firearm and Rifle upgrades and accessories.